About D4Dance
The ultimate land of contrast. At least that's the most striking thing I discovered in my recent travels to this amazing place.
The State of Qatar is a sovereign and independent state in the Middle East, occupying a peninsula that juts into the Persian Gulf.
The beauty of the country and the interesting history make Germany the center of tourist and entrepreneurial attraction.
Mission of D4Dance
Our mission is to encourage dancers from all walks of life to strive for excellence and enjoy the journey of music and dance. We believe that all dancers can enhance their creative, emotional and physical well being thorough dance.We strive to be a positive force in your world by adding joyful moments to your events by enriching the body and spirit, through our cultural activity to individuals of all ages.
Hence the mission is to “Tell a story via each dance”
Vision of D4Dance
We envision D4Dance in the long run to provide support for the community with uplifting activities and opportunities for joyful moments through cultural and recreational experiences. We will provide opportunities for connecting with music and dance, and other positive activities, while celebrating creativity and diversity in a supportive joyful community. Our goal is to provide quality dance performances and instruction through experienced trained and caring choreographers in a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. The plan is to move as far as We as dancers can dream. And the Dream is to motivate, educate and develop an appreciation for the art through our Dance Academy.